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Cabot, Arkansas


"Hey there enthusiastic HAMs. The CAREN radio club is looking for a few volunteers to help out with the Arkansas Traveller this year. It’s a huge event and finding enough people is proving to be a little difficult. It’s a great time and a great opportunity to practice net protocols all night out in the woods. Please consider helping out the cause."

Josh McCoy

"They are needing folks at Bahama Mama and Powerline. The contact is Kim Fisher. Give her a shout at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Powerline is a busy site, Bahama Mama is easier but still long. Please if anyone wants to do this I just warn you this is a full weekend event. But all you folks that like Ham in the park, field operations, camping and BBQ or outdoors cooking, this is your chance to combine them all. A group of 4 for these two sites is enough."

Frank Adkins

Arkansas Traveller 100 (

For more info see contacts on CAREN Club webpage Central Arkansas Radio Emergency Net (