Cabot Stars Club has two repeaters with more to follow.

The NL7RQ STARS Club repeater operates on 145.410 with a negative offset and a transmit PL tone of 85.4 

UHF repeater 442.475+ 114.8 tone enc/dec


Cabot and Conway Local TS1

NSX Local and AR Statewide TS2

The club's original W5STR repeater operates on 147.150 with a positive offset and transmit and receive PL tone of 85.4 now located at Coy Arkansas.

We have a Echo link Node W5STR-R Node Number 507018

For a more complete list of other local repeaters please refer to the Central Arkansas Repeater Directory we have compiled. Please let us know any updates you find. thank you.

Simplex Operations

Simplex operations in the Cabot area are alive and well.  Most simplex operations in and around Cabot can be found on 147.570 MHz by convention.  Using simplex is an excellent way to learn about the limitations and capabilities of your station.